What are symbols?

Symbols are shapes that you can draw. Once you create a symbol, you can apply several different styles to it. Soon you will be able to use symbols everywhere on the ImageChef web site.

How to draw a symbol

-Click on the pen icon, then click on the grid.

-Click and release to add points on your symbol.

-Finally, click at your starting point to close the symbol.

-When the symbol is closed, you can click on the individual points to adjust the symbol as you wish.

How to smooth/add points

Once your symbol is closed,  place your mouse over the middle of a line segment. You will see a point appear. Click to add it to the line and adjust as needed.

Using this technique, you can smooth and customize your symbols.

How to move your symbol

-Click anywhere on your symbol on the grid to highlight it.

-Drag it to the new location on the grid.

How to enlarge a symbol

-Click on the symbol to highlight it. You should see 4 points appear in the corners.

-Click and drag a point to make the symbol larger.

How to make holes in your symbol

To make holes, you must draw closed shapes around the blank spaces that you want to remain unfilled. In the below example, two shapes are made. When they overlap, they appear like a single shape.

How to apply styles to symbols

-When you are finished with drawing your symbol on the grid, click the green "Done" button.

- To apply a style, select one style from the list under "Pick a Drawing Style"

- You can also select colors and add a message.

- Hit the "Preview" button to apply your styles.

- If you like your styles, you can save your symbol to your album by selecting "Save to My Album". You can also send it in an email greeting or post it to your blog or social networking site.

How to save your symbol

-If you are logged into ImageChef, your symbols are automatically saved. You can store up to 15.

- If you are not logged into ImageChef you can still save your symbols by following these steps:

-When you are finished drawing your symbol, select the green "Done" button. Click the 'Log In' or 'Register' links. Once you are logged in, your symbols will be automatically transferred to your account.

How to retrieve and edit saved symbols

- Your saved symbols can be retrieved by logging in and going to the "My Symbols" tab.

- You can either use or edit your saved symbol by selecting "Use" or "Edit".





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