Ranbir Kapoor
Female ·  United Kingdom ·  joined 2010  · 1130 Points
If ur bored! Like i am !! Find me on fb!! Ma Id is Aa4u@hotamil.co.uk User name is Litle angel :)
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Ranbir Kapoor is now friends with xxx _mary_ xxx
Z!d! RaJpUt » Ranbir Kapoor: hi
February 17, 2011
kiLLer dUdE » Ranbir Kapoor: who is this?
October 19, 2010
Ranbir Kapoor is now friends with kiLLer dUdE
Ranbir Kapoor nooo don't eva put main and urz up
Anonymous » Ranbir Kapoor: loooll.. jjusst coz ii aiint bovered 2 change iih bk lool.. hehe shal ii put a pik ov mwe n u ??????
June 28, 2010
Ranbir Kapoor u noe ur berrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wied
Ranbir Kapoor whoa gulli u chsnged ur pic 2 a hamster y????? i fink it shuld me a monkey coz i saiz ih in ur name e.g. Liil miiz Harry mondhrky??? mondhrky what??????? y mondhrkh ????
Ranbir Kapoor plzzzzzzz man !!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous » Ranbir Kapoor: iim verryy veryy sorrryy mn plzzzz 4gyv mwe
June 14, 2010
Anonymous » Ranbir Kapoor: reply mn
June 10, 2010
Anonymous » Ranbir Kapoor: oii mn memba 2daii woz dah wrst lunch tym we eva had doez bitchz hu du dey fynk dey r lyk? she pushed mwe so hardly mn oww.. lol! r u alryt jaan ? ii miishhh uu sooooo much ii stil cnt belev dah apnd fukiin fat kalii,, so fat mn
June 8, 2010
Anonymous » Ranbir Kapoor: hiiiiiiiiiiiiii jaaaannn u ayyt sxc
June 7, 2010
Ranbir Kapoor hi sexy
Princess Lusiah » Ranbir Kapoor: heyyy sexyy howz iht qoin?
June 2, 2010
Ranbir Kapoor helooooooooooo r u der bbe
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